A revolution in physician-provided supplements

Dr. Eric Huntington, DC

The founder of NutraDoc

Nutrition is the backbone of human health, but today's toxic world makes it very hard for the average person to obtain the nutrients they need from normal dietary sources.

I personally struggled to help countless patients who needed nutrients they were not getting from their diet. I recommended many brands of supplements, but very few of them actually worked. My patients still suffered, despite taking the nutrients I knew they needed.

Unwilling to accept that nutrition didn't work, I looked into the supplements available on the market and made a shocking discovery: most of the supplements available on the market do NOT contain the nutrients they promote. 

This started a decade-long project of research, innovation, testing, and production that culminated in NutraDoc - a line of supplements created for physicians by physicians. I personally guarantee that each product contains exactly what it says, with medical grade ingredients and unique formulations I developed for total bioavailability and efficacy.